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Complete tracking solutions for fleet and personal vehicles, LCV, HGV, farm vehicles, leisure vehicles and many more.

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Complete tracking solutions for fleet & personal vehicles

Theft is on the rise with a 51% increase in vehicle theft across the last 5 years! From HGVs to tractors, jet skis, lawnmowers, horse trailers and more, we can help you protect your vehicles and assets!

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Luxury Leisure

Monitor & track your possessions easily


iOS & Android app

Our cloud based live tracking portal allows you to monitor your trackers anywhere at anytime even when you’re on the go!

Fit & forget

Our battery operated units provide up to 3 years of tracking for the utmost convenience. No need for constant charging.

Self fitted

No need to pay a mechanic to fit! Our powerful magnetic fitting mechanism means the units can be easily self fitted.

Small & covert

Small and discreet, our trackers will fit on anything from a lawnmower to a container! Ensuring you’re always protected.

Fast & reliable

We have teams across the UK to help you quickly and legally track down your possessions.

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Reliable, Secure

All of our tracking devices are offered on single or monthly payment terms with no hidden extras! You can manage your payment terms in the best and most convenient way for you or your business.


24/7 Support

We have you covered all hours.

Lightning Fast

We have teams all over the UK.

Battery Operated

Simple units to find your possessions.