Protect your Farm vehicles with Invenio UK covert tracking

Every Shape & Size Of Farm Vehicle Protected

Last year agricultural theft topped 43.3 million pounds worth of loss, with everything from Quads and ATVs to the GPS kit from tractors  and everything in between going missing. There were even 2.3 million pounds worth of livestock rustled!

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Easy To Fit

With its choice of fitting methods, the Invenio 710 is the perfect way to protect your farm vehicles and tools.


With 300,000 units operational world wide across hundreds of differing sectors the Invenio 710 proves itself time and again as reliable dependable and robust.


At only 47 mm wide the Invenio 710 is small and easily hidden anywhere on the vehicle – the choice of attachment methods means that it can be secured anywhere on or inside the vehicle.

An extra layer of protection

The first half of 2021 saw 4 Combine Harvesters being stolen in just one county of the UK at a cost of just under 3.2 million pounds- directly impacting the farmers involved!
Farms are not only places of work but also homes, you protect your home with locks, cameras and alarms, add an extra layer of protection to your farm vehicles and enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies knowing your assets are as safe as you can make them.

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