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We all work hard for our luxuries whether those are jet skis, luxury cars, classic Cars, or collectors items.

Because Invenio has no need for hard wiring and has an IP 69 rating it is suitable to protect all sorts of luxury possessions.

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Easy To Fit

With its choice of fitting methods, the Invenio 710 is the perfect way to protect your prized vehicles.


With 300,000 units operational world wide across hundreds of differing sectors the Invenio 710 proves itself time and again as reliable dependable and robust.


At only 47 mm wide the Invenio 710 is small and easily hidden anywhere on the vehicle – the choice of attachment methods means that it can be secured anywhere on or inside the vehicle.

Car theft is on the rise!

Worryingly despite a national Lockdown, car theft was again on the rise in England and Wales across 2020.
On Average 1 car is stolen every seven minutes In UK. Many of these end up in containers headed out to Eastern Europe. Thieves love fleet vehicles because they know that they are well maintained!

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