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Rural Crime has been rising steadily across the last 8 years. From vehicles to livestock, gangs of organized thieves are targeting agricultural settings. In fact, in 2020 Rural crime rose just over 5% in total compared to 2018.

In 2021 The NFU’s report on rural Crime noted that theft had cost just under 44 million pounds in 2020.

Agricultural vehicle theft rose from 7.4 million in 2018 to 9.1 million in 2020 that’s a leap of around 18%.

Rural crime continues to be a huge issue and its impact on farmers and growers is enormous. It also has far-reaching impacts on rural communities and our landscapes too.

Stuart Roberts NFU Deputy ‘NFU Mutual Crime Report 2021’

Gangs of opportunistic thieves, forced out of urban areas by lockdown in 2020 have targeted farms and farmers creating a rise of GPS dome thefts – which is double that of last year. They also steal anything else easily transportable – ATV’s Quad bikes or bits of non powered machinery with a high scrap value.
On the other hand, the actual vehicle thefts are usually undertaken by organized professional gangs, for a specific order, and are shipped overseas within hours.

It is definitely time to protect your farm and possessions from thieves.
The rural police team suggest a layered approach is best to consider – with many different tracking and alerting methods all working together.

Live CCTV is certainly a useful solution, as is traditional live GPS tracking, added to which a small discrete easily hidable covert tracking unit, battery operated, magnetically mounted and compatible with a huge range of vehicles and both powered and non powered assets is extremely useful.

The Invenio 740 is small, weatherproof with a powerful battery. It will alert you in when the unit is removed, or when the geofence is breached, allowing you to monitor and protect your possessions. Giving the peace of mind you deserve.
Every single time a crime is committed on a farm the impact for the farmer and their family is heightened, a farm is a home as well as a place of work. Nobody has the right to encroach upon that.

Invenio UK can help you protect your property and help you recover it if the worst does ever happen.

Call us on 01675 624055 to discuss how we can help you protect your possessions