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Is Your Fleet Protected?

Commercial fleet vehicles are oftentimes targets for criminals. They are well serviced and maintained and can easily be stripped down for parts in the case of LCV or LGV and stolen to order in the case of high end executive cars.

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Easy To Fit

With its choice of fitting methods, the Invenio 710 is the perfect way to protect your vehicles and assets.


With 300,000 units operational world wide across hundreds of differing sectors the Invenio 710 proves itself time and again as reliable dependable and robust.


At only 47 mm wide the Invenio 710 is small and easily hidden anywhere on the vehicle – the choice of attachment methods means that it can be secured anywhere on or inside the vehicle.

Impossible to detect!

In fact organised gangs are actually targeting liveried fleets and stealing particular brands of LCV to strip down for parts. Unfortunately traditional live tracking is no deterrent to these professional thieves with the box easily located and removed. 

Our covert tracing unit is practically impossible to locate outside of its 20 second randomised check in times meaning that you, a recovery company and the police all have a much better chance of locating and recovering your asset.

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