Are your Vehicles as safe as you think they are?

Protect Your Plant Vehicles

Across 2020 there was a 50% increase in heavy plant theft resulting in costs to the industry of over 40 million pounds, less than 10% of reported untracked assets are ever recovered in this sector.

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Easy To Fit

With its choice of fitting methods, the Invenio 710 is the perfect way to protect your plant equipment and tools.


With 300,000 units operational world wide across hundreds of differing sectors the Invenio 710 proves itself time and again as reliable dependable and robust.


At only 47 mm wide the Invenio 710 is small and easily hidden anywhere on the vehicle – the choice of attachment methods means that it can be secured anywhere on or inside the vehicle.

Geofence Alerts

Many heavy plant assets find themselves shipped abroad, to eastern Europe or Africa. Our flexible geofence ability means that not only can you set your own geofence but also all ports and Borders are covered.

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